Robustitron is a three-pronged outfit that welds electro-fused dancefloor beats with the raw voltage of a rock 'n roll show.

Viet: vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
Alex: bass, programming, vocals
Toby: drums, dj, programming

//incoming transmission...//

Dear HR:

I am Robustitron.

I am applying for the position of A/V Morale Booster, which I felt you needed.

Manufactured in the Bay Area and operational for 5 years, I was programmed with a complete disrespect for corporately-imposed genre lines, and am custom-fitted to weld the energy of a rock 'n roll show with the beats of a packed dance floor.

You have a stage (or reasonable facsimile) with which I can interface using the latest electro-fused booty-shaking presets, organic rocking functionz, and several bonus upgrades, including an array of aural pleasure appendages (see package). Thus, I am enabled to destroy it with greatness.

I have consistently contributed my skills at:
-- managing the creative process
-- leveraging lever leverages
-- motivating and empowering team members, mattress actresses, and family and friends.

fluff fluff fluff rock out yabber yabber yabber big words more fluff

My calculations show that i would be a great asset to your dance club or bar. Using my trademark paradigm of proactive collaboration, i can explore opportunities to further the goals of you and your team. I look forward to collaborating on future ventures and acquisitions.

I am,

Robustitron :]

//end transmission. blarg.//